Patch progress

A quick update on how Patch is doing. We took her to the vet yesterday and he’s very happy with her. The wound is healing remarkably quickly. There’s no sign of infection or irritation and no excess fluid beneath the wound. There’s no impairment of movement. We can’t take her for a walk until the stitches are removed in ten days time. Understandably, she’s a bit nervous of being touched, but likes her tummy being tickled. We are amazed (and delighted) at how quickly she is recovering. 

We have been in touch with the owners of the dog who attacked her. They assure us they will be taking measures to prevent a reoccurrence. We haven’t reported the incident to the police. We don’t want the dog to be at risk of being put down. It’s really down to the owners to manage it properly. We are just glad that it wasn’t any worse. Jack Russells are very resilient!


5 thoughts on “Patch progress”

  1. Just catching up, how horriffic!
    So glad Patch is recovering well.
    I’m sorry, I have to disagree about not reporting the incident though. They have committed an offence, however remorseful they are. Next time it could be a child. We have previously owned a dog ourselves, so can understand your love of their animal too, but it is more than just a worrying incident.

    1. We’ve spoken to the owners again. They’ve decided that they will muzzle their dog. Hopefully, that will prevent any repeat.

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