MYOG rucksack shoulder strap pads

I’ve been making again!

Many moons ago, I made some shoulder strap pads for my Golite Quest pack mid trip because the straps were bruising my collar-bone. While I didn’t have any real problems on Dartmoor with soreness from the Exped Thunder, the straps are a bit thin for my liking. They also wick water badly when it’s raining. If you’re wearing Paramo, this wicks through under pressure. An impervious shoulder pad should get rid of this issue. Thus, the shoulder pad has a dual use.


It was very easy to make. I used a cutoff of a closed cell mat, some Velcro and some Duck tape. Originally I was going to just stick the Velcro on, but I thought sewing it would be more secure. I used wide stitches to avoid pulling through the foam. If I were to do it again, I think I’d sew it onto a strip of grosgrain.


On the flip side, I used a length of Duck tape to secure the Velcro strips.


Despite not being shaped, they fit neatly underneath the shoulder straps. Using Velcro means they can be attached without unthreading the harness, unlike the ZPacks version. It also means it’s very easy to reposition the pad. I’m pleased with the outcome.


5 thoughts on “MYOG rucksack shoulder strap pads”

  1. I’ve made pouches to protect my Kindle, MP3 etc from closed foam mat and duct tape. Very light and effective.

  2. Now that is very interesting Robin. I’ve been suffering since last summer with quite a sore left shoulder (where the collar bone meets the shoulder joint). I’m wondering if carrying a fully loaded Thunder pack last summer may have inflamed or even caused the problem. The shoulder straps are quite thin. And since coming back from a recent trip to Scotland, where I used the Thunder pack, my shoulder pain has returned. I might look at attempting that mod you carried out.

    1. It’s worth a try. Doesn’t cost much. I think the shoulder straps could do with being a bit thicker. Using closed cell foam pads certainly worked when I had a problem with a Golite Quest.

  3. Thanks for this post. Looks interesting. I just got a thunder 70 and find the shoulder straps a bit painful. To stop the pack moving away from my back, I find I need to cinch them quite tightly. They pull sidewards and outwards, and, being quite thin, they put quite a lot of pressure on the front of my shoulders. Unlike my other packs (I have a few!), the shoulder straps seem relatively short. I hope I can get the pack to work for me, but at the moment it’s a bit uncomfortable.

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