Extremities Trekagaiter

I’ve been using some very lightweight MLD gaiters over the past couple of years. They’ve been really good but are starting to get a bit battered. On Dartmoor, I used a pair of Extremities Trekagaiters. At 148g, they are a bit heavier than the MLD gaiters (101g), but are a bit more sophisticated.

The long Velcro opening at the front means that they can be put on without removing your boots, unlike the MLD gaiters, which are a simple tube. They are really easy to put on. The stiffened front means they stay up well without having to tighten the top shock cord. There’s also some elastic gathering just above the ankle, keeping the material from flapping.

The underfoot strap is a robust rubber strap, not shock cord. The material of the gaiter itself is surprisingly breathable. I had no condensation at all. Although it is quite light, it seems to be reasonable robust as well. At £17.99 (from UOG), they are pretty good value. I’m very pleased with them. Well worth a look if you want a pair of lightweight gaiters.

Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money and have no relationship with UOG or Extremities. 


6 thoughts on “Extremities Trekagaiter”

  1. Hi Robin. Are these gaiters a decent length so that they fit just below the knee ? I’ve a had a few pairs of lightweight gaiters over recent years that were a bit short in length.

  2. Cheers Robin, Sheila was just saying she needed a new pair of lightweight gaiters, then low and behold your post. Saved me faffing around on the interweb. Ordered.

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