Not Morton’s Neuroma

IMG_1829Since returning from Dartmoor I’ve had a problem with the third and fourth toes on my left foot. Every so often I get a jabbing pain like an electric shock. I looked up the symptoms on Google and they seemed to fit Morton’s Neuroma.

Yesterday I visited a podiatrist. His diagnosis was that I had an inflammation of the nerve between my third and fourth toes caused by the misalignment of my metatarsals. He suggested it was not as bad as Morton’s Neuroma and that I should use some metatarsal supports (shown above) together with some ibuprofen to bring down the inflammation.

The inserts are very uncomfortable, but do bring some relief. I can’t see myself using them much for backpacking as they are like walking on billiard balls!

The hunt is on to find some insoles with decent metatarsal supports. Getting custom-made orthotics is an expensive business, so I’m looking first at off the shelf products. As usual, there are a lot more US options than UK.

So far, these look the most promising that I’ve found in the UK, so I’ll give them a try. I guess it’s going to be a bit of trial and error. If you’ve got any suggestions, let me know.

This is the second time I’ve suffered from this problem. Last time was after last year’s TGO Challenge. At the time I put it down to “just one of those things”. It took about two months to simmer down.

Clearly I need to take this a bit more seriously to control the condition. There’s no cure, it’s a question of managing it. Unfortunately, it means the plans for the rest of the year are now a bit uncertain.


8 thoughts on “Not Morton’s Neuroma”

  1. Robin, don’t waste your time buying off-the-shelf orthotics. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis in my right foot. At one point, I could hardly stand for any length of time, never mind walk.

    The NHS sorted out a drug regime, which partially relieved the symptoms but it was a private podiatrist that made the most difference. I had been struggling with NHS orthotics for some time but they really weren’t helping. The private podiatrist made a pair of custom-made orthotics from plaster casts of my feet and they made a huge difference – enough to get me back out there.

    True, it’s not cheap but your ability to backpack is priceless. Actually, compared to a new tent, it’s not all that expensive.

  2. Hi Robin, I too suffer with the same problem, in the past 3 years I had about 4 pairs of custom insoles like yours (uncomfortable at first but do get better); still got issues with the right foot waiting for a scan a present to look at the nerves. Keep us posted how you get on.

    ATB David.

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