Fleece zip guard

My Western Mountaineering Ultralite is a great sleeping bag but it has one design flaw. When the zip is fully closed, the draught baffle doesn’t fully cover the zip puller. Consequently, if you’re lying on your side, sometimes you get a cold zip puller dangling on your cheek. To prevent this, I’ve added a short fleece zip guard. Not the neatest bit of sewing, but hopefully it will work. 

This is an issue on most of the sleeping bags I’ve owned. On the WM Highlite, I’ve added a zip baffle. On my Alpkit Pipedream and Cumulus Quantum, I added a snap closure. Yet again, you wonder whether gear is tested properly for these little irritations. 

2 thoughts on “Fleece zip guard”

  1. Not sure I understand your reference to the Cumulus Quantum. I’ve got two of those and both have a velcro-backed flap that I’m pretty sure is designed to fold over the zip pull when the zip is closed.

    The bigger problem for me on the Cumulus bag is the absence of a zip baffle. I’ve got in the habit of inserting my finger between the zip pull and the bag when using the zip to prevent the cover material snagging in the zip pull.

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