Exped Thunder 70

I’ve been searching for a high volume but light rucksack for possible treks in Northern Scandinavia and/or Greenland. There’s a chance that I might be able to do these in a couple of years time if I’m lucky. These sort of treks require 7-10 days of food, which takes up a fair bit of space, hence the need for a 70 litre rucksack.

I came across the Exped Thunder 70 recently and it looked just the job. Chuck in a discounted deal and I pulled the trigger. It’s very well specified and put together, but weighs a very reasonable 1.6kg (verified on my scales). I paid €220 (£166), which is good value for a quality rucksack.

The adjustable back system means that the fit can be adjusted precisely. I loaded it with a couple of sleeping bags and it seems to carry well. There’s a substantial hip belt which fits nicely. The actual sack itself is a single compartment with a top opening. However, the main sack can be accessed by twin vertical zips to make it into a panel loader. While not strictly necessary, it’s a nice feature.

There are stretch hip belt pockets as well as stretch side and back pockets. The material for these seems to be a bit more robust than average. The double lid pocket is a good size with external access as well us under the lid. Inside, there’s a hydration sleeve with port exits.

It’s a very well thought out pack with some good details. Most of the straps have neat Velcro keepers and metal Rapide hooks rather than plastic side release buckles. The side compression straps should help to control the volume of the sack for smaller loads. All in all, it looks a pretty good pack. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try it out soon.


13 thoughts on “Exped Thunder 70”

  1. That is exceptionally light for such a large rucksack. I’ve often wondered about extended trips – the most I got out of the Osprey was 5.5 days worth of food – with that load and winter kit it was right on the limits. This rucksack seems much more useful in that regard.

    1. I’ll give some feedback when I’ve used it, but initial impressions are favourable. With a floating lid, you could add a stuff sack for even more volume if required. Also it has a load capability of 24kg, which is more than I’m likely to carry.

  2. Nice looking pack! I’m certainly happy with my big Exped Expedition 80. Five year guarantee too certainly gives piece of mind

    1. The Expedition 80 looks a good sack, but a bit overkill for my needs and 1kg heavier. I also looked at the Mountain Hardwear South Col 70 and the Lightwave Wildtrek 70, but neither seemed quite right compared it’s the Thunder. If the Lightning had been a 70L pack I probably would have gone for that.

      1. The MH South Col is more of a mountaineering pack. I’ve used one for climbing on McKinley and Khan Tengri, and for that it excels. But it lacks the little touches for backpacking and is deliberately stripped back.

  3. I love my Exped Lightning 60 backpack. It is comfortable to carry, even with heavier loads (I guess around 18 kg has been the max. so far). This backpack looks equally nice.

  4. I also have the larger lightning backpack, can carry extra if i add on ‘deuter external pockets’ using the compresion side straps the bags come in pairs and hold 10L each i think(i often keep brew kit and lunch in therefor easy access). also purchased ‘exped flash pack pocket’ which can held air damp tent or clothes while on the move or just be used for extra storage.
    hope this may help someone .

  5. I’m glad you are getting on well with the Thunder rucsac. I’ve used one to carry some big loads in the Canadian Rockies where there was no resupply for 10 days (food for 2 people) and it swallowed that load easily and carried comfortably. (I think it holds more than 70L). However, when full it is difficult to get much in that front stretch pocket. I’m still not totally convinced by the rapide hooks.

    But otherwise I’m in full agreement with you Robin, a top notch pack for carrying a lot of supplies on wilderness journeys.

    1. I agree, the stretch pockets are a bit smaller than I’m used to. Overall it’s a good pack at a reasonable price.

  6. You may need to put some rodent repellant in those stretch pockets,,, I had some snacks in mine that mice chewed through the stretch pocket to get to !!! At least we don’t have bears here in the UK . minor repair will sort it though unless Exped are listening out there 😉

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