Dartmoor Chillout

Make a cup of tea, sit down for five minutes and watch my slideshow of Dartmoor with music by Harold Budd and John Foxx ☺️


16 thoughts on “Dartmoor Chillout”

  1. Beautifully made Robin. I’d always dismissed Dartmoor as a boggy military training ground full of china-clay pits but your compilation has attracted me to the area in a way no tourist brochure has previously done. It appears like much of the North Pennines or parts of Mid Wales that I love so much. Its access rights add to its attraction too. I can see that I’ll soon be looking up times of the through trains from York to Totnes or wherever. Since the OMM Mountain Marathon is said to be “in the south” in 2017 I might just have a recce in case Dartmoor is the chosen venue. Thank you again for opening my eyes.

    1. Thanks. This was my first trip to Dartmoor. It is a wonderful place to go backpacking and you can legally camp on most of the moor. The mixture of beauty and wildness is difficult to beat.

      The only drawback is the firing on the military ranges on the north moor. If you google “Dartmoor firing” you can get a timetable. In August, and at Christmas and Easter there’s no firing.

    2. Glad to hear that you’re planning a visit! I couldn’t agree more with what you say re Robin’s work: a fantastic advert for this very special part of the country (I am editor/owner of Dartmoor Magazine…)

  2. Very nice Robin. Absolutely years since I have been to Dartmoor. We used to go there when we lived near Bath but that was nearly 20 years ago. Living much further north I always go to the Lakes, Dales or Scotland as these areas are much nearer to me but that is just an excuse!

  3. Excellent stuff, nice to see pics around Redlake, Bellever and Grey Wethers on this slideshow rather than the more visited Yes Tor in the north. Another place I’d recommend is Tavy Cleave on the western side of Dartmoor, the walk to Fur Tor from there is a great one.

  4. Wonderful stuff! Have shared this on the Dartmoor Magazine Facebook page and it has been enthusiastically received and seen by many, many people… thank you for spreading the word about this lovely part of the country.

  5. Lovely video. Rather scarily, with the exception of one or two photos, I knew where every one of them was taken! I think Dartmoor and the Cairngorms are my two favourite places in the Uk 🙂

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