TGO Challenge alternatives

Although I’m not going the TGO Challenge next year, I’m pondering whether to do a 4-5 day trip to coincide with the Challenge where the route might overlap a bit with Challengers on their way across Scotland. While it won’t be quite the same as doing the Challenge itself, it would be nice to bump into a few Challengers for a bit of social. 

I’ve been mulling over three possible trips. The first is to revive my Attadale to Beauly trip plan that I had a few years ago. The nice thing about this route is that it is coast to coast, just a bit shorter. The second idea is a circuit of the Monadhliath. The third is Fort William to Dalwhinnie with a couple of side excursions. 

One thing I want to be careful of is not to crowd out Challengers from train seats or hotel beds. The number of places on the Challenge for 2016 has been increased, so that could mean more pressure on travel and accommodation. 

Not that I’m going to Montrose, but I had a quick check on hotel bed availability and there’s hardly anything left. If the camp site is out of commission, it’s going to be a disappointing end for some. Anyway, my plans can be quite fluid and it depends a bit on the plans of other Challengers I know. 


9 thoughts on “TGO Challenge alternatives”

  1. Hi Robin, Just an idea but how about helping out at Tarfside, you’ll meet up with some of your old pals and your input will be much appreciated I’m sure.

    1. If I lived in Scotland, I’d offer but it’s a long way for me to travel and not do much walking. Tarfside is not easy to get to either. Nice idea but too many drawbacks.

  2. Attadale to Beauly sounds the best of these options to me. A trip through Knoydart would also be fine e.g. Lochailort to Invergarry.

    I hope to have a few days too later in May. Too late to meet any Challengers so I’ll go places that aren’t possible on the Challenge – either Skye or north of Ullapool.

  3. Plan Atterdale to Beauly but secretly do a challenge route. At the end of the first week tell the wife that its a tougher hike than planned and it might take 2 weeks. Just a thought, do you think she might buy it?

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