Berghaus Dry Pocket

IMG_1720(2)I’ve been looking for a waterproof pouch for my camera for a while but nothing seemed quite right. The other day, I came across the Berghaus Dry Pocket. It looked like a possibility and for £12 with free postage from OutdoorGB, it looked worth a punt.

It arrived today and it’s near perfect for a compact camera like my Sony RX100. The picture above shows it with the Sony RX100 inside attached to my Lightwave Ultrahike rucksack.

IMG_1722(2)The Ultrahike is a bit challenging for stowing things like a camera as it is impossible to attach hipbelt pockets. The shoulder straps don’t have daisy chains either, so I sewed a piece of webbing onto one shoulder strap. The opti-buckle clips onto it, however, the pouch also needs a couple of Velcro loops to make it stable.

IMG_1721(2)This system works really well. If the shoulder strap had a vertical daisy chain, it’s easy to swap the orientation of the opti-buckle to accommodate that.

IMG_1723(2)The Dry Pocket has a substantial roll-top to keep out water. I like roll-tops as they are very waterproof and easy to access. Taking the camera out of the bag and replacing it is a very quick procedure. The taper of the bag towards the base holds the camera nicely and means the pouch doesn’t impede arm swing.

The Dry Pocket weighs 80g, which is pretty reasonable for a waterproof and padded pouch. Also included is a removable shoulder strap if you want to use it as a shoulder bag. It looks like Berghaus has stopped making these, so if you want one, you’d better be quick. It’s a great solution to carrying a compact camera.

Disclaimer: I bought the Berghaus Dry Pocket with my own money and have no relationship or affiliation with Berghaus or OutdoorGB.


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