ULA Ohm hip belt mod

I’ve had a ULA Ohm for a while but not used it much because the buckles on the hip belt extend beyond the padding when the hip belt is tightened. This led to them digging into my iliac crest. Recently, I had a brain wave to extend the hip belt with some 3mm closed cell foam and some spare nylon cloth I had kicking around.

Yesterday, I put my plan into action. It was remarkably easy to do a decent job just by hand sewing. I cut the closed cell foam to the right size. I then made a pocket from the nylon, sewing it inside out then turning it right side out. Inserted the foam. Then sewed on to the hip belt. The buckles are now protected from rubbing.



5 thoughts on “ULA Ohm hip belt mod”

  1. Great mod nicely done. Apart from the buckle problem you’ve now remedied, is the Ohm comfortable? With what kind of load? And how does it compare to your Mariposa (I have a 2013 Gorilla)?

    1. I think the Mariposa with the AirBeam frame is more comfortable. Moulds better to your back but with better ventilation.
      I think the Ohm is quite similar to the Mariposa in terms of load carrying.

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