RailRiders Eco-Mesh Trousers

IMG_1682(2)I’ve had my eye on some RailRiders Eco-Mesh trousers (not pants!) for a while. Unfortunately, RailRiders don’t have a European distributor so they are only available in the US. In their End of Summer sale RR reduced them from $86 to $69. This offsets some of the expensive postage ($40), so I decided to buy a pair.

Unfortunately they didn’t evade Customs and I was charged £8.83 VAT and a £8 handling charge. So the total cost was £88. Not cheap, but at the upper end of competing trousers. It took seventeen days from ordering to delivery, including seven days languishing in UK Customs.

What is unique about them is the long side mesh vents, which ought to be good for summer walking. Personally, I prefer wearing trousers rather than shorts most of the time. I like trousers with vents such as Montane Terra’s.

The Eco-Mesh also is impregnated with Permethrin which, according to the blurb, should last seventy washes. Given the increasing numbers of ticks and the like, this is an attractive feature. As far as I’m aware, only Craghoppers and Rohan have similar treatments.

The fit is just right for me, relaxed but not too baggy. The material is pleasantly soft to the touch but feels robust. Weight is a reasonable 330g (Medium, 30″ inseam).  Philip Werner (SectionHiker) is a big fan of these trousers, so I look forward to using them next summer.

I’ve been nagging RailRiders to find a UK or European distributor or retailer. They are in discussions apparently, so next year, you may be able to buy RailRiders clothes direct from the UK or Europe rather than having to order from the US. I hope this comes off as they do produce some good stuff.



5 thoughts on “RailRiders Eco-Mesh Trousers”

  1. Miserable UK Customs charging you and hanging on to them for week too! Presumably they’re understaffed, but you stiil wonder how efficient they are.
    It’s very frustrating trying to buy gear from US. A Mountain Hard Wear down jacket is unavailable in UK in colour/size I want. The makers won’t ship abroad, while Moosejaw wanted $75. I ended up ordering from what turned out to be a fake Chinese site who stole my money, which my card provider has eventually refunded.

  2. Hi Robin, I have been interested in these for a while. One question what size do you use in the Montane Terras and what size did you get in the Rail riders. I am assuming you are happy with the RR sizing. Custom charges £8 is cheap here it is closer to £16.

    1. I’m L in Montane sizing (34″ waist), M for RailRiders. I should also say that they are a good fit as well. Relaxed but not baggy.

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