Tread Lite Gear cuben camping lantern

IMG_1635(2)I bought this recently and thought it might interest others. I’ve had a variety of small camping lanterns over the years, but this has to be the lightest at 7g (advertised at 8g). It throws out a surprising amount of light and the batteries are replaceable. If you want a bit of ambient light in your shelter at next to no weight penalty, it’s hard to beat. Link: Tread Lite cuben camping lantern.

IMG_1636Diclosure: this lantern was purchased with my own money.


5 thoughts on “Tread Lite Gear cuben camping lantern”

  1. Yes, I’ve got one of these and am very pleased with it. Only problem was that the self-adhesive reflective foil in the base came unstuck but I pressed it back in place and it seems fine now.

    As someone who has taken only a headtorch when camping, a lantern is surprisingly useful. I’m getting a couple more for our family tent as soon as more are available.

  2. @jake, they are back in stock but selling fast. Thanks for the feedback on the foil. Ive switched to a vinyl reflector as its more reflective than the previous one, im still looking at a UL perspex mirror insert that can act as a dual purpose item but i cant find a supplier that will machine them that small.

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