The Saga of the Tramplite


Before this year’s TGO Challenge I sent my Tramplite to Marco at As Tucas to make some removable valances on the porch. Unfortunately he couldn’t finish them before the Challenge, so when I returned he mailed it to me at the beginning of June. Also in the parcel was my OookWorks Duomid nest, which he had done some work on, my Trailstar, which I’d lent him and some cuben stuffsacks. The package never reached me and after some enquiries it was returned to Marco by the courier (I don’t know who he used) at the end of June. At least it hadn’t been lost!

Marco made a second attempt to send me the parcel, this time using DHL. The parcel was sent at the end of June. After a week, it didn’t arrive, so Marco made enquiries with DHL. On the 19th of June it popped up at their Leipzig hub. I was promised it would be delivered the next week. The delivery date arrived, but no parcel. Further enquiries made but no answers. Unfortunately there was a mix up with communications with As Tucas, which meant I was in the dark for another two weeks. Then the parcel arrived back at As Tucas, six weeks after it had been originally sent.

There were profuse apologies from Marco, although it wasn’t his fault (communication could have been a bit better). After checking the contents were still ok, Marco despatched it by UPS. This time I had the tracking details, so I nervously followed its progress across Spain to France and then to the UK.

Miraculously, the parcel arrived today. To say I’m relieved is an understatement. It’s been very stressful and I’m glad I’ve got my Tramplite back. Hopefully, in September, I’ll finally be able to use it. As for DHL, I’d never willingly use them again.


6 thoughts on “The Saga of the Tramplite”

  1. Crikey I would have been sweating if that happened to me! Generally parcels arrive with no problem from overseas and I live somewhere the Sat Nav can’t find. Parcel arrived from China yesterday. I bet you were glad to see that back!

    1. It’s the first time I’ve had a problem. It’s been very stressful not knowing what is happening. It’s also been stressful for Marco. Internet businesses rely on their couriers. It’s totally inexplicable why the parcel wasn’t delivered (twice). It wasn’t as though they were failed deliveries at our house. I’m glad it’s all over.

  2. Just crazy. Here in the US Arizona I am lucky that I rarely receive a parcel via DHL but every time I do I miss the delivery and have to drive the the Phoenix hub to pick it up in person.

  3. Back in June DHL and the German Postal Service were hit with a 4 week strike that pretty much brought all parcel deliveries to a standstill. I had 2 parcels stuck in delivery hubs for more than 2 weeks.

    1. I saw that, but that doesn’t explain their inability to deliver after the strike had finished. Not sure why they returned the parcel to As Tucas rather than delivering it. I’m just glad UPS delivered it.

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