Exped Flash Pack Pocket

IMG_1603(2)I’ve got so used to having a stash pocket on the front of my GG Mariposa that I’ve not used my Lightwave Ultrahike for a while. That’s a shame because it’s a good pack. Recently, I came across the Exped Flash Pack Pocket which is a detachable stash pocket for their Lightning packs. Fortunately, It’s usable for other packs as well.

IMG_1606(2)It’s big enough to stash some waterproofs or fleece and jacket. A clever design feature is that it’s mesh on one side and solid on the other.

IMG_1607(2)There are elastic straps on each corner with hooks to attach the pocket.


It would be better if they were adjustable. I’ve rigged some cord  loops at the top of the sack.

IMG_1609(2)At the base, I’ve sewn a linelok with some cord, so can adjust the tension of the lower attachment and avoid compromising the mesh pockets.

IMG_1608(2)The top of the pocket is closable with a cord lock and shock cord.

Overall, I think this is agreat accessory if your pack hasn’t got a stash pocket. All the UK stockists appear to be out of stock, so I had to order mine from Germany, increasing the cost. Weight: 73g

Disclaimer: I have no formal or financial relationship with Exped and bought this item with my own money.

13 thoughts on “Exped Flash Pack Pocket”

    1. It’s impossible to be accurate, but it can hold a micro fleece, waterproof jacket and overtrousers and maybe some other small odds and ends. I reckon it has slightly less volume than the GG Mariposa pocket as it’s not stretchy.

  1. Just ordered one too – hope they still have them in stock after this little run of orders – need one for my trip to Finland – else I’ll be looking to ‘rent’ one for a week!

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