MYOG Bushbuddy windshield


I enjoyed using my Bushbuddy Ultra stove. To be effective, it benefits from a decent windshield. I used a sturdy aluminium one, which worked well but weighs around 200g.


Using some reflective radiator insulator and foil tape, I knocked up a similar sized windshield that is much lighter and weighs only 46g. I’ve lined the inner surface with foil tape to give some protection against stray flames.


To stabilise it, I’ve used three of the lightweight (and useless) toothpick tent pegs that came with my F10 Nitro Lite. Having such a lightweight screen makes the Bushbuddy a much more attractive option, especially combined with a Speedster meths stove as backup.


8 thoughts on “MYOG Bushbuddy windshield”

  1. i’ve actually just made one as off back to the Himalayas on my bike next week and I had some of those silly F10 pegs kicking around, your post was very timely. Do you have any object if, at some point in the next few weeks, I were to link back to this article?

  2. Nice work! May I ask where did you buy that material from? What’s the thickness? Is it 4 mm? Or, perhaps, that 8 mm thick one which AntiGravityGear Pot Cozy is made of?

    I’m looking for the place where I could buy that material, so that I could make my own pot cozy for the new Vargo Titanium BOT I’ll get soon…

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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