Tread Lite cuben tent pockets mk2

After a bit of a conflab with Paul, he sent me a mark 2 version of the cuben tent pockets.


These are 13cm deep (20 cm wide) compared with 10cm for the originals and designed with the Scarp in mind. At the same time, I bought a First Aid Kit pouch from Paul, which is rather nice.


Here’s the revised tent pocket in the Scarp. It is now the same height as the groundsheet bathtub wall. The pocket weighs 2g. With the safety pins, it weighs 3g. While it would be very easy to sew it, using safety pins means the pocket can be moved around. As it’s secured on the seam of the bathtub, it shouldn’t cause any undue stress to the fabric.


I also checked it would fit the Laser Competition. Attached to the seam of the mesh vent, the bottom of the pocket just touches the floor, do it works well. Another small design tweak is that the outer lip is slightly lower than the back of the pocket, making access to the contents easier. A nice little design touch, typical of the care that Paul takes over his products.

If your tent hasn’t got pockets and you’d like to have some, this seems like an ideal solution. I believe Paul is going to make a few to test the market. If there is demand he might make them part of his catalogue. Tread Lite Gear Ebay shop


7 thoughts on “Tread Lite cuben tent pockets mk2”

  1. Very interesting, Robin. Safety pins in a tent make me feel rather uneasy, though. How about using velcro? You could sew quite a long strip to the inner seam if you had a high bathtub, then have some flexibility on where you put your pockets.

    1. If you pin them on a seam, there’s no problem. I actually used pins for my old silnylon pocket on the fabric of the Scarp. However, it is probably a good idea to use a seam. I considered Velcro but it’s a bit of a fiddle and you’d have to sew quite a few patches for flexibility. In the end, I think carefully placed safety pins work for me. The grosgrain strip means that if you want to use Velcro it should be easy.

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