Tread Lite Gear cuben tent pockets

I find it a major frustration that some tents don’t have pockets. Fragile items like sunglasses are vulnerable to being accidentally sat on. The best way is to keep them off the tent floor in a pocket. Hitherto I’ve improvised with a silnylon stuff sack that I halved and pinned to the inner tent wall.

I asked Paul at Tread Lite Gear to make a pair of bespoke cuben ones. The result is in the top photo. They weigh 2g each (ex safety pins). The grosgrain is to give the pocket some structure and allow me to use safety pins to secure it to the tent. I like using safety pins rather than sewing them on as I can move the pocket around.

The next picture shows one of the pockets in my Laser Comp. Perfect.

The next is in my Scarp. The pocket is 20cm x 10cm. For the Scarp I probably should have specified a slightly deeper pocket (13cm?) but it still works for light items.

I’m very pleased with them. As with other items I’ve ordered from a Tread Lite, the workmanship is first class. I will be ordering some other bits and pieces soon. It’s great to see a small UK lightweight gear business developing. I’ve not given a price. I think Paul’s intention is to list them on his eBay site soon.

Disclaimer: I have no business or formal relationship with Tread Lite Gear, but I have been discussing product designs with Paul.ย 

8 thoughts on “Tread Lite Gear cuben tent pockets”

  1. Great idea, Robin! I have a problem of where to put my spectacles in my Zephyros 1 at night, I currently balance them on top of my rucksack in the porch. I look forward to seeing something like these pockets appear on Paul’s eBay listings. Do you have any alternate suggestions for attaching them? I’m no good at sewing, and I certainly don’t want to stick safety pins through my inner!

  2. If you don’t want to sew, safety pins are the most obvious means of attaching them. As long as you don’t put in anything too heavy, they shouldn’t stress the material, especially if the bottom of the pocket is resting on the groundsheet.

  3. Nice pockets! I personally don’t use pockets but I have fitted them to a couple of my tents when asked. I would be very careful pinning anything directly to the inner tent material (as in the 1st pic) as it will certainly stress the material and leave a mark with anything heavier than a feather in it ๐Ÿ˜‰ That material is a very loose and open weave which is great for breathability but is very fragile and easily damaged if stressed, even lightly. Please don’t do this with the Tramplite inner ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sewing the pockets spreads the load evenly over a larger area and if I fit pockets they are sewn into at least 2 seams which is much stronger than sewing directly to the fabric ๐Ÿ™‚ The second picture is great and will work perfectly.

    1. I only put things like glasses and handkerchief in them. As long as the base is resting on the groundsheet floor, any strain on the tent fabric shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. Not sure tape would stick well to tent fabric. If I wanted them to be permanent, I’d sew them. Using safety pins means I can move them around.

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