Duomid tweaks tested

DSC02226For my stay at Maeneira, I used my cuben Duomid with my latest mods. I recommend the apex front guy. It adds hugely to stablity and takes the strain away from the front pegging points. This means that the Duomid keeps its shape much better when either or both of the door panels are open. I simplified the the guy by using a single cord secured by a side-release linelok sewed on the grosgrain between the apex and the top of the door zip.


Previously, I had secured one end on the outside apex loop as well, so effectively it was a double guy. On reflection, this was overkill. The advantage of my current system is the tension can be adjusted from within the Duomid and the guy can be released quickly, if necessary. If you want to copy this and don’t want to use a linelok, then it is just as effective to make a tie out from the apex loop on the outside of the shelter.

DSC02224I was also pleased with my quick release door pegging points. These mimick the Tramplite shelter. It’s so much easier to open the door now. Having two lineloks also gives flexibility to have either door panel open. By using long cords, it’s also a lot easier to tension from inside.


5 thoughts on “Duomid tweaks tested”

  1. Great idea. I wasn’t too happy about attaching a guy to the loop at the top the inner – this plan looks a lot better.

  2. still using the duomid Robin? And still tweaking ๐Ÿ™‚

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