TGO Challenge 2015: Summary

DSC02291This is a summary page for my 2015 TGO Challenge to help you navigate through the posts of my trip more easily. Each day will open in a separate window. I’ve also added some associated pages.

Getting to the start
Day 1: Dornie to Falls of Glomach
Day 2: Falls of Glomach to Loch Affric
Day 3: Loch Affric to Cul Dubh
Day 4: Cul Dubh to Ft Augustus
Day 5: Ft Augustus to Glen Markie
Day 6: Glen Markie to Dulnain Bothy No.1
Day 7: Dulnain Bothy No. 1 to Aviemore
Day 8: Aviemore to Water of Caiplich
Day 9: Water of Caiplich to near Tullochmacarrick
Day 10: near Tullochmacarrick to Ballater
Day 11: Ballater to Water of Allachy
Day 12: Water of Allachy to Tarfside
Day 13: Tarfside to North Water Bridge
Day 14: North Water Bridge to Kinnaber Links

Route Statistics


Gear Roundup

Challenge Photos


7 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015: Summary”

  1. I know you keen but I have noticed that you have and indicator to your TGO Challenge walk in 2105!!
    Mr Sloman hasn’t even written up this years and you have document your trip for in 90 years time.

  2. Reblogged this on Uk Backpacker and commented:
    I don’t normally re-blog, but in this case I’m going to make an exception. This is Robin’s account of his TGO trek for 2015.

    For those that don’t know the TGO is an annual challenge where hikers converge on Scotland and walk from the West coast to the East coast.
    The whole thing makes for a riveting read. I am really going to have to do this challenge next year 🙂

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