TGO Challenge 2015: Day 14

North Water Bridge to Kinnaber Links

Distance: 11.7km
Ascent: 117m

Day 14click to enlarge

The last morning dawned with the pitter patter of rain. To the last, the weather was alternating between glorious sunshine and rain. My orignal plan was to finish at Tangleha’. However, the tea shop had closed in St Cyrus and JJ promised a sumptuous repast at the garden centre near Kinnaber Links. This proved irresistible to a group of us, so off we trooped with the prospect of food dangled in front of us.

IMG_1474 DSC02842 DSC02843 IMG_1476From North Water Bridge to Kinnaber

Mick and I struck out in the lead. It was a straightforward road walk to Hillside. The weather wasn’t too bad with some light showers. The cafe was very good and suitably refreshed, our weary band made it through the dunes of Kinnaber Links and to the sea.

DSC02849 DSC02850 DSC02857Kinnaber Links

It was lovely to finish with a crowd of Challengers. Photos were taken and congratulations dispensed. I think this year was tougher than last year, mainly because the weather was more unsettled and the almost constant cold wind, which, at times, was quite sapping. However, overall, it was a very enjoyable crossing and a very social one. I’ll post some further thoughts at a later date.

DSC02854 DSC02855The finish


21 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015: Day 14”

  1. Well done! A fantastic and inspiring read. Seems like the weather was worse than previous years. In Sweden this has been the coldest spring since 1877…

  2. A very enjoyable read Robin. Thanks. I shall be borrowing some of your route ideas for future crossings. The conditions were peculiar this year – despite the power of the sun when it chose to shine, the cold air just sucked the energy out of you. Fred

    1. Thanks. Yes, the cold wind was energy sapping, even on days where there was some sunshine. I was very happy with my route.

  3. Great stuff Robin, an enthralling read every day. I think I succeeded in missing you by a day almost every section of our crossing. Ft Ag, Glen Markie, Glen builg, Ballater. We both enjoyed it anyway. See you next year in Bree Louise? Keep up the great blog it’s always interesting.

  4. You clearly enjoyed your crossing Robin, that shines through in the posts. Your getting to be quite an old hand at this TGO Cing 🙂

    1. I even enjoyed the rain (up to a point 😋). Overall, it was a great crossing with plenty of highs (not Munros!) and not many lows.

  5. Well done. I have enjoyed your posts, as always. I suppose there is a bit of an anti-climax now it all done and you have nearly finished your write ups.

  6. Well done Robin. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and the photos were super too. Keep up the fantastic blog I love it. Very inspiring.

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