TGO Challenge 2015: Day 13

Tarfside to North Water Bridge

Distance: 27.0km
Ascent: 166m

Day 13click to enlarge

Today was largely a repeat of last year. I decided that, unlike many Challengers, I wouldn’t have breakfast at The Retreat, in order to get to Edzell in good time for lunch at the Tuck Inn.

DSC02747 DSC02754 DSC02763 DSC02773Tarfside and River North Esk

 While it’s a lovely walk down the North Esk river, it was all quite familiar, so I didn’t dawdle.

DSC02794 DSC02796DSC02810 DSC02812Rocks of Solitude and river walk into Edzell

Like most Challengers I took the Rocks of Solitude/Blue Door walk. It was every bit as lovely as last year. Unlike last year, I took the river walk into Edzell, rather than the road. This was an unexpected pleasure and every bit as good as the Rocks of Solitude.

DSC02816 DSC02823 DSC02831 DSC02833Edzell to North Water Bridge

I seemed to be the first to arrive at the Tuck Inn. The waitress asked me whether there were any other Challengers behind me. I assured there would be plenty. After a good lunch, I girded my loins for the trudge to the North Water Bridge camp site.

I was one of the first at the camp site, so I nabbed a spot in a quiet corner and took a shower before the hordes arrived. Most arrived around tea time. Later, there was an impromptu birthday party for Lynsey with cake. Yum. I decided to have a relatively early night and left the revellers to it.


5 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015: Day 13”

  1. I enjoy reading your descriptions and seeing your photographs of TGO Challenge 2015. Good trek especially when the weather was a bit more Scottish than you liked. Congrats.

    1. Thanks. TBH, I wasn’t expecting the benign weather of last year. I think this year was more “normal”, although the cold wind was persistent. The biggest frustration of poor weather is photography.

  2. It seems that for your last few days you have been eating in pubs and hotels. Are these your main meals for the day – kind of a replacement for the usual freeze-dried meal?

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