TGO Challenge 2015: Day 10

Near Tullochmacarrick to Ballater

Distance: 15.1km
Ascent: 219.m

Day 10click to enlarge

 Today was always going to be a bit of a stroll. As I was booked into the Alexandra Hotel, there seemed no point in rushing to get to Ballater early. Consequently, I was the last to leave our camping spot. Also the wind and sun had a chance to dry my tent. Looking at the higher hills, there had been a fresh fall of snow overnight.

DSC02567 DSC02571 DSC02576 DSC02578Tullochmacarrick to Gairnshiel Lodge

As I finished packing, John and Norma appeared on the track. They didn’t recognise me in my bright yellow windproof! As I climbed up to the track, Lynsey, Carl and Louise appeared, so we formed a little group to go to Ballater. From Tullochmacarrick. I led the way as I’d been this way last year. We avoided last year’s boggy path by following an unmarked track by the river.

Just beyond Gairnshiel Lodge, on the main road, Louise tripped over and gashed her knee. Fortunately Carl lept into action as First Aider. We redistributed some of Louise’s gear between us and Louise bravely continued.

DSC02579 DSC02582 DSC02583 DSC02586On the way to Ballater

From the A393 to Lary, the route took us along some farm tracks and lanes. Tomnavey was a strange place. Everywhere there were rusting abandoned bikes and motor vehicles minus wheels in the oddest places.  The lane above Tomnavey was rather more picturesque, as was the walk to Inverenzie. Just beyond Lary, John, Norma and I decided to have some lunch, while the others carried on.

DSC02587 DSC02590 DSC02592 IMG_1462To Ballater and socks drying

 After a pleasant laze in the sunshine, it was onwards to Ballater. When we got to the main road into Ballater, instead of following it, we followed the old railway line, which runs below the road. It was a delightful walk, much better than the road. In Ballater, John and Norma went to their B&B while I carried on to the Alexandra Hotel.

My room was ready. Before putting my feet up, I did my washing and put it on the radiator to dry. In the evening, I had a meal with the Rev. David before we both repaired to the bar for a convivial evening with Louise, Carl, Lynsey, Andy, Jayme and Peter.


10 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015: Day 10”

  1. You’ve very well house trained Robin, placing a towel below the radiator to catch and drips !

    You look to have had a fine days weather slightly further north, I seem to remember I had hail storms further south crossing out of Glen Tilt that day.

    1. I wuz well brung up! I suspect that day we benefited from being lower and more sheltered. We did have five seconds of rain 😇

  2. Love the way the girls are laughing, hopefully not at me! And my face is hidden, phew 😉
    Apart from that bit, it was a good day!

    1. Laughing with you not at you ☺️. That was a nasty injury. You did well to get to Ballater and beyond.

      1. Had to be done Robin, but I had wonderful support. I think Liz, Lindy and Emma all soldiered on in a far worse state.

      2. Yes. There seemed to be a lot of injuries. Well done to all who finished despite being crocked.

  3. I like the way you seem to know everyone’s names. If I get to do TGO (hoping for next year) I would be terrible on the write ups 🙂

    1. There’s a list of participants in the final details, so it’s relatively easy to remember who’s who.

  4. And we had a convivial evening in Ballater! Thank you Robin! sorry I didn’t see you after that. I am enjoying reading your write-up and looking at your photos!

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