TGO Challenge 2015: All sorted

Everything is packed. This is the second iteration of packing. After packing the first time, the full weight came in at a stupid 15.5kg on my luggage scales. Consumables (i.e. food, gas, and lotions) was 4.5kg, giving a rather mysterious discrepancy of 1.8kg between the bottom up and top down totals. I decided to have a bit of a gear cull, ditching my waders, windproof, and a few other things. I swapped my Mayflys for Vivo Barefoot Pures for river crossings. As a result, I reduced the base weight by 1.5kg and took 200g off food.

This has reduced the top down weight to a more reasonable 13.8kg of which 4.3kg is consumables, giving a top down base weight of 9.5kg. The bottom up base weight is 8.4kg, so still a discrepancy of 1.1kg. Some of that is stuff sacks, but some must be due to the luggage scales. If we take an average, my base weight is around 9kg, which is comfortable for a two week trek.

I’ve had the confirmations of accommodation and food parcels. I even had an email reminding me that I’m catching the sleeper tonight. I’ve also booked a taxi from Kyle to Dornie rather than travel on the bus.

The weather forecast looks a bit mixed but ok for the first couple of days. However, there’s been a lot of snow at higher elevations, with more forecast tomorrow. It looks like I’m going to be taking my Foul Weather Alternatives rather than going high. Most other Challengers seem to be taking the same view.

I feel a lot calmer than last year and I’m looking forward to getting on the trail. There’s a good bunch of people starting at Dornie, so there should be some enjoyable socialising at the start. My guess is a number will be going on the same initial route. I suspect that I will be on my own on Sunday, though. If I can get a decent signal, I’ll do some brief posts along the way. Toodle pip!


15 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015: All sorted”

  1. Have a good crossing Robin. Hope to see you in Ballater. Have you thought of weighing on the bathroom scales, once with your rucksack then without and netting the difference ?

  2. All the best Robin. The Lady driver of the taxi in Kyle is very helpful. I’m sure there will be a few volunteers to share with you. The bus is not always reliable so a taxi is a safe option.

  3. Good luck Robin, see you at the cheese and wine party ☺️
    Can’t believe it’s finally come around, a bit scary😱

    Margaret Oliver

  4. I know I’m doing something wrong as your first rejected weight, is about my average kit weight πŸ™‚ Good luck on your TGO, can’t wait to read the write ups πŸ™‚

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