As Tucas Sestrals 2 Pants

For the past few years, for warm legwear in my shelter or to supplement my sleeping bag, I’ve used a pair of lightweight running tights (Lowe Alpine or Arctery’x) coupled with a pair of wind trousers (Montane Fetherlight or latterly, As Tucas Millaris). These combos have worked well, weighing in total somewhere between 210g to 240g.

Whenever I’ve looked at insulated trousers they’ve looked a bit too warm and heavy. I’m not so keen on down trousers as down compresses when you are sitting or lying down. Also damp could potentially be an issue if the weather is inclement and you need to nip outside.

When Marco revamped the Sestrals Pants using some high tech Schoeller fabric, I thought I’d give them a go. The picture above doesn’t really do them justice. They are superbly made. The fit is trim without being tight. I bought a Medium and I’m a 34″ waist and 30″ inside leg. For me, the fit is perfect.

They are very light at 186g. Wearing them inside, they feel pretty warm, certainly warmer than the running tights/windproof combo. The material has a soft feel with a slight sheen. The hems have some poppers so you can cinch them in to keep out draughts.

I’m looking forward to taking these on the Challenge. They’ll add a bit of warm and luxury at the end of the day when I’m in my tent. They’ll also be good to extend the temperature range of my sleeping bag. I was thinking of taking my WM Ultralite, but now I’ll stick with my Rab Neutrino SL 200. I’ll give some further feedback after the Challenge.


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