Daunder 2015 part three

DSC00139Although it rained a bit overnight, the next day dawned sunny and bright. By around 8:30 we were all packed and ready for the off.

DSC00140We picked up the Swan’s Way and headed along a broad track past fields …

DSC00142..and cheap council houses.

DSC00143At Swyncombe Downs, we paused for a rest, making use of some cross country jumps for horses as seats.

DSC00144So far, it had been a very pleasant morning’s walk. However, soon, we emerged onto the minor road that led back to the camp site at Crowmarsh Gifford. Unfortunately, it was very busy with traffic including heavy lorries.

DSC00145It was an unavoidable trudge until we picked up a footpath just outside Crowmarsh.

DSC00146Not long after, we were back at the camp site. Phil decided that he should get home, but the rest of us went to the pub for lunch. I had some very fine sausages. All too soon, it was time to say our farewells. All in all, it was a very pleasant two and half days walking, in good company. Thanks to Alan for organising it. Below is a map of the route we took.



16 thoughts on “Daunder 2015 part three”

  1. Quote Chrissiedixie: It looks far too civilised and sunny :D”

    I have to say that this daunder has made me wonder why on earth I ever frequent the inclement and largely pub-less wilds of northern Caledonia. The beautiful south is so much more than a popular beat combo 😉

    1. Joking aside, I’m thinking I might do a few more of these sort of walks. I really enjoyed it (and the company).

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