Daunder 2015 part two

Henley has one big draw back as a place to camp: it’s under the Heathrow flight path. At around six o’clock in the morning, the planes start coming in. While not deafening, they are certainly noticeable. After an hour or so of trying to ignore the aircraft noise, I gave up and got out of my sleeping bag.

DSC00077Swiss Farm camp site has a restaurant, so it would have been rude not to have breakfast there! I was sorely tempted to have a second plate of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. We really know how to rough it. Suitably fortified, we had to resume this horrible walking nonsense.

DSC00079A group of us left Phil back at the camp site on his phone to sort out some problems with his impending house move. After a short pull up the hill, through a stretch of woods, we emerged into some open parkland.

DSC00081At the end of the grassy track there was a huge cedar tree.

DSC00085Mick decided it was so lovely, he gave it a hug.

DSC00086Further on, we saw a rather lovely house.

DSC00090And a spooky tree.

DSC00091We also saw some fine-looking horses.

DSC00092Soon, the views began to look like the Shire in Lord of the Rings.

DSC00094Amazingly, Alan and Phil were dissuaded from going into a pub (it was only 10:30).

DSC00097This road sign caused much hilarity.

DSC00099After a rest break at a derelict church, it was onward and upward for a serious climb, accompanied by yet more moaning by Phil.

DSC00101Soon we were walking through a field of yellow rape.

DSC00104Over some rolling downland.

DSC00110Past a pretty church.

DSC00113To a pub in the amusingly named village of Pishill.

DSC00118Food and drink was consumed. After an hour or so, it was time to heft our packs again to resume our journey through some delightful woods with a floor of bluebells.

DSC00122We wended our way through more fields.

DSC00123And woods.

DSC00124To the next pub. Some of us had a cream tea, others didn’t.

DSC00126After sheltering from a spot of rain, we walked to Watlington Hill for a fine view over Watlington and beyond.

DSC00132At the bottom of the hill was our camp site for the night.

DSC00137We had a fine meal in The Chequers in Watlington (our third pub of the day). To round off a perfect day, the rain held off until we were safely tucked up in our tents.


20 thoughts on “Daunder 2015 part two”

      1. It was a revelation when all flights were cancelled due to the Iceland volcano eruption. It was so quiet.

  1. Moaning? Moaning? …Moi????

    I may, from time to time, venture a little constructive criticism. Possibly you may have heard therapeutic verbalisation at times of extreme stress … but moaning? Never!

  2. Good write up Robin – the first day was tough 😰 therefore we needed a slightly easier second day 😉. It was a lovely jaunt.

  3. Few contours, many pubs with food, sunny weather, snow banned, lawns to camp on. I can see the benefits of moving the challenge south.

  4. Looks as though you were carrying enough gear for a trans-Siberian crossing by the size of the packs rather than a pub crawl. Take it a bit easier next time & row down the river, lots of hostelries on the banks!

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