ZPacks: great customer service

A few weeks ago I managed to break one of the buckles on my Arc Blast pack. On the first version of the Arc Blast the mesh back panel was tensioned by a tape secured by a small plastic buckle. In the second iteration this has been replaced by a line lok. I contacted Joe about a repair and he said he’d do it for a nominal sum. Bear in mind, this was a second hand pack that I’d not bought from him. 


To make it worthwhile and spread the postage, I also bought a lumbar pad and shoulder strap pocket (I should’ve have bought a pack liner as well). Last week I received my pack back. Not only had Joe sewn new line loks, but he gave me a new mesh back panel. Thanks, Joe, that is above and beyond! 

Bearing in mind some comments from other Arc Blast users, I’ve replaced the cord supplied with some slightly thicker stuff from Laufburshe, which is less likely to slip. I’m really pleased with the pack now and looking forward to using it. Another feather in the cap of ZPacks for customer service. 


One thought on “ZPacks: great customer service”

  1. That is impressive.
    I’ve had a great customer service experience with Joe from #Z-Packs too.
    He made a custom #Hammock #tarp for me which remains my go to shelter.



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