I’m going anyway!

Weather! Why does it conspire against me? I booked next week off ages ago to go to the Lake District. I’m meeting with David Williams for a bit of training for the TGO Challenge. The original plan was a circuit of the Nortern Fells, but I decided it would be more interesting to do the High Stile ridge. 

Until a few days ago, the forecast looked pretty decent, then WHAM! It changed to high winds and heavy rain. Well, stuff it, I’m going anyway. We’ll probably do a lower route, especially on Wednesday, which looks gnarly. 

This may be the second time High Stile has baulked me, as I wanted to do it back in September 2013, when high winds foiled me. Oh well, it will be a good chance to stretch my legs and test a few things to take on the Challenge. I’ll report back in a week’s time. 


12 thoughts on “I’m going anyway!”

  1. Today has felt like the first Spring day here!! We seem to have been plagued by winds for weeks. Hope the weather is kind to you Robin and you manage to get up on the High Stile ridge 🙂

    1. It’s been lovely here this weekend, but the forecast for the Lakes for Weds/Thurs is unsettled and windy. There’s a surprise!

    1. It’s a shame you can’t join us, but the weather looks pretty crap. Good test for tents and waterproofs 😂

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