Tramplite and Solplex

Ben from the Trek-Lite forum asked whether we could meet so he could have a look at my new Tramplite shelter. We both live on the edges of Epping Forest, so I selected a suitable spot half way between us.

Ben brought along his ZPacks Solplex so I could have a look. It’s a nice little shelter. It’s very light at just over 400g. For fast and light trips using relatively sheltered pitches, it looks good. There’s a decent amount of space inside too.

However, I don’t think I’d be getting one. I prefer the Tramplite, despite being 250g heavier. The Tramplite is roomier and I prefer having a seperate, solid inner. Even though it was only the second time I’d pitched it, it’s very easy to get a decent pitch. It’s also very solid, so I’m confident it will be a good shelter in foul weather. Ben was impressed by it too. Here’s some pictures.




Tramplite and Solplex







10 thoughts on “Tramplite and Solplex”

  1. The more I see the Tramplite, the more it reminds me of the shape and ground hugging profile of my Six Moons Lunar Solo. Very similar in that way, though obviously a very different animal in terms of materials and having a separate inner etc. Looks good.

    1. I think the closest would be the six moons deschutes or bearpaw lair with beak . plus inners.
      cricket has a steep back wall like a Solomid.

      Colins Shelter looks better all round though 🙂

      1. Colin said he took his inspiration from the Cricket and the Trailstar. I agree the Deschutes looks similar.

  2. Not an expert in these matters but the Tramplite looks superior in the way it pitches and worth the additional weight.

    What are the respective price tags of the 2 shelters?

  3. The Tramplite cost £550 and the Solplex is $535. If you import the Solplex into the UK (or EU), you will be charged tax and duty on top of the dollar cost for the Solplex.

    1. Thanks for the info. Pretty good prices for hand made low volume production batches. Look forward to seeing the long term test results.


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