Laufbursche hip belt pocket mod

I like to carry my camera in a hip belt pocket for easy access. However, unless the pocket is padded, the camera is vulnerable to damage when you put a pack down on a hard surface. On my Mariposa, I added a piece of bubble insulation as padding. My Laufbursche hip belt pockets are a bit larger, so I added a piece of closed cell foam cut from a sleeping mat.

IMG_1118(2)I found a piece of foam cut to exactly the right size from some long forgotten MYOG project.

IMG_1119(2)It is a perfect fit. Originally I was going to use a bit of double sided sellotape to secure it. However, it fits so well that I didn’t need to fix it. It also means that I can swap it between left and right pockets if I wish.

IMG_1120(2)My Sony RX100 fits perfectly inside the pocket.

IMG_1121(2)There’s enough room that I can fit the camera inside an XXS Exped drybag inside the pocket, if it’s raining.

IMG_1122(2)It closes easily and the camera is nicely protected against any bumps. Simple but effective.


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