Midge jacket


IMG_1107(2)This is a bit of a weird one, but I bought a midge jacket in the post-Christmas sales. I had been looking at the Beaton’s jacket, but I was alerted to one from Bush Wear, which was reduced to £4.95 (the Beaton’s jacket is £20). In fact the postage cost more than the jacket! It weighs 118g and is cut very generously, so it will fit over other clothing easily.

For such a cheap jacket, it’s very well made. The head opening is a zip at neck level, which might be preferable to the Beaton’s one. I really don’t know whether I will ever use it, but if I went to the Highlands in summer or to Scandinavia, it could prove to be a useful item. At a fiver, it seemed worth getting.


9 thoughts on “Midge jacket”

  1. Well, if that’s not a bargain – I don’t know what is. I’ve just ordered one myself – thanks for the tip.
    There was a chance to ‘sign up’ for a further 10% off. I did this and received the code. Sadly, there wasn’t anywhere (obvious) to enter it?!
    I’m not too fussed though, as it was still a bargain.
    The zip access is also a bonus.
    This will be an essential bit of kit once the pesky things are back.

  2. Good find Robin.
    Just ordered 3 and got the 10% off. Getfragout – the code gets entered at the very beginning. However missing 10% off hardly makes a difference.
    The code is save10 for anyone else ordering one.

  3. I like this and you cant argue with the price. I remember when I did my big Swedish walk the two hottest weeks were mid-bug season (July) and I was in forest. It got intense and this would have served the purpose of comfortable protection, not least as it was so hot!

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