Laufbursche hip belt pockets

My second hand ZPacks Arc Blast didn’t come with hip belt pockets. ZPacks make some pockets, but I didn’t think the design was as good as Laufbursche. The ZPacks pockets are slighlty cheaper (not much in it if you get stung for duty) and slightly lighter. However, the Laufbursche pockets have better attachment options and the zip is better positioned.

IMG_1390The cost for two pockets (1L ones) was €56 plus €17 P&P. I ordered some spare cord at the same time, costing €10. It took one week from order to delivery. From the picture above, you can see that the pockets come well packaged with a reusable ziplock bag.

IMG_1391Included with the pockets is a length of cord with two S biners to convert the pocket into a small shoulder bag, which is a nice touch, although I doubt I’ll use it as such. As you can see the zip opening is on the side of the pocket, not the top (unlike the ZPack pocket).

In my view, that is a better design as it should make it more water resistant. The zip is water resistant and the material is X-PAC VX21, which is waterproof and tough. Weight is 36g per pocket.

IMG_1392The picture above shows (not very clearly) there are two widths of elastic attachments at both ends  of the pocket. This is more secure than the single attachment on the ZPacks pocket and allows for different widths of hip belt.

IMG_1394They are very easy to attach (sorry the photo is slightly blurred). I used the narrower elasticated attachements. At the pack end, I unfastened the shoulder strap (a bit of a faff), so it was in front of the rear elasticted strip, something that I picked up from MLD, who recommend doing the same for their pockets.

At either end, I secured the pockets to the hip belt daisy chain with the S biners and a short length of cord. Overall, they fit well and feel secure.

IMG_1395At 1L volume, they are rather bigger than the pockets on my Mariposa. My Sony RX100 fits easily into a pocket with plenty of room to spare. Overall, the workmanship is first class and I’m very pleased with them. I’m trying to avoid the temptation of buying the HuckePACK, which looks like the Mercedes of backpacks. Fortunately Laufbursche are not taking orders until March 🙂

IMG_1393Disclosure: these were purchased with my own money and I have no relationship with Laufbursche.


12 thoughts on “Laufbursche hip belt pockets”

  1. They look very well made and I could well be interested myself. Just how wide is the narrower belt option ? Does the pocket have any internal division, pouch or keyclip ?

  2. My comments:
    €56 + €17, ouch!
    Are they watertight enough for you to trust your Sony RX100 in one? Although I expect you put that in a plastic bag in addition. I had to throw away a Ricoh that got soaked in an allegedly water resistant Samsonite pouch that should have been good but it soaked up water like a sponge.
    Don’t you find like I do that hip belt pouches no matter how low in height dig in between lower abdomen and upper thigh while you’re walking? I’m always conscious of the pressure from one.

  3. First thing that comes to mind is “Why use an expensive 2 way zip that will allow water in between the 2 zips?” When a single way would do the job better. Just a thought.

  4. I met a German guy once in Sweden who was very very careful with his money (a lot of his kit was homemade/myog, it was actually quite impressive). He had splashed out on a Laufbursche pack and it was a lovely piece of kit. Real Teutonic quality!

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