TGO Challenge 2015 Planning


On and off over the past few weeks I’ve been pulling together my Challenge plans. I’ve filled in most of the gaps. I booked my accommodation immediately I knew that I was successful, so that gave me some way points to anchor my route: Dornie, FT Augustus and Ballater.

I needed a bit of local knowledge in a couple of places: around Glen Affric and a route up Beinn a’ Bhuird. That’s all sorted now. I’ve tweaked the route in a few places. I’m starting at Dornie and finishing at Tangleha’.

I’ve finished my route sheet and sent it to Sue and Ali at Challenge Control. Hopefully I’ve not misspelt any of the unpronounceable Gaelic names!

My route is going to be more ambitious than 2014 with seven Munros and two Corbetts, with the possibility of two more Munros  if conditions allow. Total distance is 301km compared with 273km for 2014. Total ascent is 9,078m versus 6,992m.

So this is definitely more of a Challenge, but hopefully achievable if the weather is kind, particularly in the first few days. I think I’ll have to start some training in January. Hopefully I can get two or three trips in as well before the start.

When I get my route signed off, I’ll do a more detailed post.



7 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015 Planning”

  1. Looks good and it’s right to try and keep aiming a little higher and harder. Your route through the Cairngorms and over Beinn a’ Bhuird and then to Ballater will be interesting, I really like the eastern Cairngorms as so very quiet.

    As we all know of course, as ever, with Scotland, ’tis how kind the weather gods are feeling on the day.

    1. I’ll do some more detailed posts on the route when it’s vetted. I’m quite excited about the first section around Glen Affric.

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