TGO Challenge 2015 – I’m on!


I enjoyed this year’s Challenge so much that I applied for next year’s. Yesterday the letter confirming that I had been successful in the ballot popped through my door.

Actually, I knew that I had been successful on Friday as the cheque had been cashed on my bank statement. I had already booked a room in The Park Hotel on the basis that if I had to cancel, they could easily find another taker. Over the weekend, I booked my other accommodation, to avoid disappointment.

I was sorely tempted to repeat a Strathcarron start as it was such a brilliant place. However, I’ve decided to start at Dornie this time. I’ve more or less decided a route. I’ll give more details after it’s been vetted.

My intended route is somewhat more challenging than this year’s. Days 2 and 3 are ridges North and South of Glen Affric. Both days have simple Foul Weather Alternatives and bail out options if weather or fitness dictate.

I shall be crossing the Great Glen at Fort Augustus, where I will be meeting Andy Walker. We are intending to walk to Stronelairg to savour the scenery before it gets destroyed with a wind farm. We will do a bit of zig zag through the Monadhliath to Aviemore.

From Aviemore, I will head for the Cheese & Wine party at the Water of Caiplich. If the weather is good on the following day, I’d like to go up Beinn a Bhuird and Ben Avon. I’m going to Ballater again rather than Braemar.

I’m not 100% decided from Ballater, but will probably go to Dinnet, then the Water of Allachy and over to Tarfside. I’m probably going to finish at a Tangleha, just for the name!

Rather than submit my route immediately, I shall mull over a few tweaks, but I think it’s a decent route with some good wilderness walking and wild camping opportunities.


19 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015 – I’m on!”

  1. Like you I noticed the cheque had been cashed! We are also planning a Dornie start but friends we met on 2013’s crossing also got it so we might change a bit to walk with them. Need to look at booking accommodation an trying to decide Scarp Vs Trailstar…. 😉

  2. I think the only good thing about Tangle Ha’ is the name. I thought it a rather dull place. I think it would be better to go to Johnshaven, a wee bit further north (and no need to walk back to the main road the get the bus).

    1. I like to have accommodation sorted ASAP. At pinch points it can be a problem. Nice to be able to look forward to a comfortable room every so often.

  3. I too am very excited! I will not be at the Cheese and Wine do but I am also zig zagging across the Monadhliath from the Loch Ness ferry crossing to Kingussie and later will almost certainly be in Ballater so should see you along the way – or at the Park. I have also got a room there.

  4. Congratulations Robin! Ever so slightly envious as I was hoping to apply, but next year for sure. Look forward to reading more of your preparations and maybe perusing a gear list…

  5. Sounds a great route Robin, Mallaig start for me. I expect to be in Aviemore on the 14th. Might see you there! Good luck with the planning…so many options!!

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