Duomid removable door guy

The Duomid from MLD has a guy tie out only on one door panel. This is a bit limiting if the wind changes direction. The remedy was to sew a linelok on the other door panel. However this meant either having two guy lines threaded (leaving one guy unattached) or unthreading and moving the guy line.


I saw some pictures of Colin Ibbotson’s MYOG shelter where he  used a karabiner with a loop of grosgrain and a linelok to make a removable guying point. Ingenious, so I copied it. It took less than five minutes to sew the grosgrain loop (with kevlar thread!). Hey presto! A removable guying point that can be swapped between door panels.

IMG_1074.JPG (2)

5 thoughts on “Duomid removable door guy”

  1. I thought the same and did the same whilst on this years challenge. Great minds, and all that! Got a freebie krab in Aviemore and it did the job. I think MLD should change the front guying so that it can be swopped over if the wind changes direction.

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