Gromit, it’s the wrong inner tent!

wrong trousers

Having delivered our daughter to university with about ten tons of belongings, I arrived at Haweswater a bit later than I had hoped. No matter, the weather was fine and I was looking forward to a couple of days ambling around the fells and some good places to camp.

It only took about fifteen minutes to reach The Rigg, where I’ve camped before. Because there was very little breeze and there were insects about, I decided to camp just off the footpath in a relatively open location.

I took out the Trailstar, the peg bag and then what I thought was my OookStar. As I took the OookStar out of the bag, it dawned on me that this wasn’t the OookStar, it was my OookWorks Duomid nest. I’D BROUGHT THE WRONG INNER!

Stunned at my stupidity, I considered the options. At worst, I could use it as a groundsheet. However, with the number of insect buzzing around, this didn’t seem very attractive.

I could try using the inner, except that it was designed for the taller Duomid and would sag badly. How could I make it shorter? What about tying a knot in the material at the apex? Miraculously, this reduced the height enough for a rough pitch. OK, not great but good enough to tide me over.

DSC01996First night pitch

The height was a bit restricted and the fabric touched my head and my feet when I lay down, but it was good enough for an OK night’s sleep. The next day, as I walked, I thought about how I might improve my bodge.

If I tied the knot a bit higher, then it would improve the headroom, but I needed to find a way of securing the apex of the inner at a lower height to tension the walls more effectively. Why not use a bit of cord from my repair kit to make a new loop secured under the knot in the inner tent?

DSC02092Hey presto! It instantly lowered the apex of the inner, so the walls tensioned properly. I used another bit of cord to pull the apex of the inner towards the trekking pole supporting the Trailstar.

DSC02070What a difference! It almost looked as though the Duomid inner was made for the Trailstar.


DSC02073I was now getting the hangย  of this, so on the third night, I did an even better job.


DSC02160So, what could have been a disaster, with a bit of ingenuity, turned out to be a minor triumph of tweakery!


16 thoughts on “Gromit, it’s the wrong inner tent!”

  1. At least you managed to pull this one round! I think I would have had a hissy fit and gone in search of the nearest B+B ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think it’s the test of a good backpacker as to how you react when kit goes wrong, clearly you solved a problem.

    I had a similar moment when I arrived in Svalbard and was pitching my Scarp at 4 am (delayed flight) at the campsite, craving sleep. Trying to pitch it I realised the pole was too long. I got it out and saw Id bought one of the crossing poles instead of the main pole. Crying was an option but I instead took one section off and shortened the cord and it worked ok for the next three weeks (albeit it stood a little taller!).

    1. No pegs would have been difficult. I could have used some wood but only had a small penknife to carve with. Maybe I should carry a larger one.

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