Equinox Ultralight Bivy bag mod

I bought an Equinox Bivy Bag a long time ago and have never used it. Unfortunately it had a right hand zip whereas all my sleeping bags bar one have a left hand zip.

I asked Marco at As Tucas to retro fit a left hand zip. For €30, he obliged. This only added 9g to the bivy, bringing the weight up to 195g (without the mesh sack).

IMG_1035The bivy bag itself is very simple with a silnylon base and lightweight cordura upper with a good DWR finish, making it decently water resistant.

IMG_1037.JPG (2)The bag is pretty roomy . I’ve put some silicone stripes inside and out on the base to stop slippage.

IMG_1036.JPG (2)I think it’s useful to have zips both sides not just for flexibility, but for ventilation. There’s no bug net, but I think I’d prefer to take an inner tent to protect against insects.

I’ll give it a whirl as a bivy bag, but I think it will also be very useful as a sleeping bag cover to add some extra warmth and damp protection in cooler months.

Marco is always willing to look at modifying existing gear, so if something is not quite right, it’s well worth asking him. He is also considering whether to offer similar bivy bag at some stage.

Disclosure: I paid As Tucas for this modification. I have no formal or financial relationship with As Tucas.


One thought on “Equinox Ultralight Bivy bag mod”

  1. I’ve always been interested in the concept of a Bivvy bag as one of my hobbies is Astronomy. The thought of being able to just lie there and look at the stars without getting cold appeals. What has stopped me, is that I can’t work out what happens when it rains. If sleeping bags were designed for using with all one’s clothes on it wouldn’t be a problem, but alas.

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