New kid on the block: Trekkertent

It’s good to see that there is a new UK niche tent maker, Trekkertent.  It’s early days, but Trekkertent have three tents on offer, all utilising trekking poles. I’m told that there are others in the pipeline.edgeTrekkertent Edge 1 (courtesy of Trekkertent)

I’m quite interested in the Edge, which looks an interesting alternative to the Tarptent Scarp 1. It looks to be very solid and weighs less than the Scarp at 1.1kg, although the design is being remodelled and the production model might be heavier. Below is a video taken from the top of Suilven.

I’ve been in touch with Marc, who owns Trekkertent and there will be some interesting further developments, but we will have to be patient! Wishing Marc every success in his venture.


10 thoughts on “New kid on the block: Trekkertent”

  1. The new Edge should be interesting. According to Marc the fabric he uses is the same as Hilleberg’s top one ‘Black label’ . Also the poles are
    thicker than the Soulo. . Having owned a Soulo and appreciated it’s bomber qualities I think the Edge could be a worthy competitor. We shall

  2. Trekkertent reminds me a lot of what small British firms like Robert Saunders and Phoenix were doing in the 1970s/80s – innovating with layouts, techniques and materials to produce robust, compact designs ideally suited to UK conditions.

    I’ve been talking to Marc about a different project recently but I also definitely see the redesigned Edge 1 in my future. The Suilven video persuaded me that it’s a deeply impressive design.

  3. Interesting concept, but it looked a little unstable to side on winds. I’m taking some trekking poles out for the first time this week, if I like them I’m going to be doing a lot of research on tents that use poles as part of their structure….

    1. While you wouldn’t want to deliberately pitch it side on, I think it would still be reasonably stable given its strong structure. No tent is perfect. The Trailstar is pretty good from most angles but has a much larger footprint. The Edge is really designed for high mountain pitches where pegging points are difficult and a supported structure with a small footprint is an advantage.

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