Terra Nova carbon fibre pegs

These pegs came with my Terra Nova Laser Competition tent. Like most people I dismissed them as toys and replaced them with titanium pegs. However, when I was playing about with my Duomid in the garden, I thought it might be interesting to try them out.


I was surprised at the weight comparison: 3.5g for the CF pegs vs. 9g for the titanium shepherd’s crook pegs. For twelve pegs, that’s a 66g weight saving. Because they have a thicker barrel, they also give a firmer hold.

However, they do have two significant drawbacks. Firstly, the metal tips detach easily. I lost one when I was pulling it out of the ground (shown above). Secondly, the tips are very sharp and puncture any peg bag easily. Using a metal rasp, I’ve blunted the points.

All is not lost. I think I will consider using these for non-critical pegging points and carry a spare or two in case the tips fall off.


10 thoughts on “Terra Nova carbon fibre pegs”

  1. I’m a new subscriber to your blog and thought I’d leave a comment.

    My Terra Nova came with different pegs altogether. You would probably be better off describing them as pins. Even so, I still use them for various things like ground sheet if I need them and some of the tensioning points. For more important places I use some MSR Groundhogs and Mini Groundhogs.

  2. i have lost a couple of tips off them over the years. I never had a top come off, though i know it happens with them. I drilled and threaded the tops with cord to make them easier to remove and the tops can’t be lost too

  3. Underated peg in my opinion, very good for the weight…like Ian I’ve always used them with my Laserlite..infact there so good I bought another 6 to use with my Big Agnes Flycreek UL1.
    To many people have dismissed them in the past…
    I think if you were to post the tipless peg back to Terranova with a nice letter, you will prob get a replacement!
    Cheers Alistair

  4. I had always heard of the tops coming off from these – never the tips. And as you say if it comes off in the ground it could be very difficult to locate.

  5. These are similar to my current favorite pegs. Carbon Ruta-Locura pegs that come in 6 and 9″ lengths. Great holding power an light at 6g or 9g respectively.

  6. These are similar to my current favorite pegs. Carbon Ruta-Locura pegs in 6 and 9″ lengths. Great holding power and only 6g and 7.5g respectively.

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