MLD Cuben Duomid vent mod

Last year, on Dartmoor, I discovered that the vent on my MLD Cuben Duomid doesn’t close properly because the Velcro on the hood doesn’t line up properly. On that occasion, I used a clothes peg to shut it.


Since then, I’ve been thinking of a more permanent solution using either some Velcro or some snap closures.


I decided the neatest solution was to sew a strip of Velcro on the grosgrain strip that links the zip to the crown of the shelter (shown above).


This now mates properly with the Velcro on the vent hood (shown above).


The vent hood now closes securely (after removing the plastic hood stay) , preventing any wind blown rain from getting inside the shelter.

8 thoughts on “MLD Cuben Duomid vent mod”

  1. Hi Robin. Good fix, but shouldn’t be necessary on such a pricey shelter.
    How did the vent on your sil Duomid line up? On the Solomid I had it was even worse. No possibility of a proper closure. Ron was unhelpful/obtuse when I contacted him about it despite sending numerous photos and the mismatched dimensions. (I gave up).
    I estimate a fair proportion of MLD vents mayn’t close particularly well given the ‘upwards tilt’ they display. The 2 MLD mid owning folks I queried recently hadn’t even tried to remove the stiffener and close theirs, so were unaware if theirs had issues.
    I guess it may not be such a big deal, but it defies the claims made by the product specifications.

    1. I think the silnylon one was a bit better, but I don’t have it any longer to compare. I agree it’s design flaw, although using my tweak, it’s easily rectified. If the matching Velcro strip on the vent hood was moved down a bit, it would match properly.

    2. I agree Jason. It’s not a perfect design. But I have yet to see water ingress as a result of the design. looking back I never closed the SoloMid one, and the new XL one is no different. But the overhang is good, and this should stop ingress of precipitation. But MLD could improve this area of its shelter design.

      1. If the wind was in the wrong direction, I think it would blow rain in as it’s such a large opening. Why take the chance? This simple mod eliminates any chance of water ingress. Takes five minutes to do and no sewing skill needed.

  2. not to say MLD don’t do excellent shelters (was under TS last night), but they do seem to be a bit of a holy cow to some.

  3. I’m surprised Ron hasn’t sorted this issue – my recently delivered (March 2017) cuben fibre Duomid has the same flaw. A great shame as the rest of the workmanship and design seems first rate. I’m tempted to leave it for now and see whether this really is an issue in driving rain or whether the overhang is sufficient. If not I need to look at doing this modification too.

    1. I’ve done a subsequent mod using a kamsnap press stud closure which works really well. I’ll show you when I see you.

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