TGO Challenge 2014 summary


This is summary page for my TGO Challenge trip diary, to make it easier to navigate through the whole trip. Click on the link for the appropriate post.

  1. The prologue (getting there)
  2. Day 1 Strathcarron to Loch Monar
  3. Day 2 Loch Monar to Allt Uchd Rodha
  4. Day 3 Allt Uchd Rodha to Cannich
  5. Day 4 Cannich to Drumnadrochit
  6. Day 5 Drumnadrochit to Glen Mazeran
  7. Day 6 Glen Mazeran to Allt an Tudair
  8. Day 7 Allt an Tudair to Coylumbridge
  9. Day 8 Coylumbridge to Faindouran Lodge
  10. Day 9 Faindouran Lodge to Loch Builg
  11. Day 10 Loch Builg to Ballater
  12. Day 11 Ballater to Glen Tanar
  13. Day 12 Glen Tanar to Tarfside
  14. Day 13 Tarfside to North Water Bridge
  15. Day 14 North Water Bridge to St Cyrus
  16. Initial reflections
  17. The statistics
  18. Complete set of photos
  19. Gear roundup: the big three
  20. Gear roundup: other gear
  21. Video

17 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2014 summary”

  1. Nice one sir..
    Now next year you can apply for a route with dreadful weather.
    Although since it will be my 10th (knee willing tomorrow), it will be balmy and lovely for the whole 2 weeks.

    1. If I can I will. Much depends on my wife’s health. I’d like to do a more ambitious route if I do it again. I deliberately made it easier to give the maximum chance of completing.

  2. A great write up Robin. Even though I wasn’t able to enter this time, I very much enjoyed the story of your challenge. Very inspiring, many thanks.

  3. It was great to meet you on the Challenge Robin, I’ve enjoyed reading your Challenge blog. I’m pretty sure we were blessed by the weather, which made all the difference.
    Great stuff

    1. The weather was quite benign. It was surprisingly mild, which helped. It was good to meet you as well 🙂

      1. I called it ‘Goldilocks weather’. Not too hot nor too cold. Not too windy nor totally calm. Not completely dry, nor sodden either. I found I had several items of unused kit as a result – Montane Fireball smock, fleece gloves, fleece hat,, shorts, sun cream, short-sleeved Rohan T-shirt. All that weight for nothing!

      2. It was remarkably mild, but not hot. I did use sunscreen on one day. Almost perfect weather for walking most of the time.

  4. Reblogged this on André Östergård and commented:
    This sounds really interesting for the future – Scotlands TGO Challenge or The Great Outdoor Challenge. I’ve been following a few blogs/Twitter accounts through out the event and I’m quite hooked. I guess there might be a few years before I’m able to attend if I get picked. You have to apply for a spot on the challenge.

    Well, here you a trail diary by blogpackinglight! Enjoy.

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