TGO Challenge last preparations

I went on my last Challenge training walk today. It’s amazing how green the forest is. Everywhere is beautifully lush with new leaves. There are lots of insects and birds as well. The mild winter has been a boon to the wildlife.


All my gear has been assembled. Food for the first four days has been bought. I’m re-supplying at shops as I go along apart from one parcel containing two freeze dried meal that I’ve sent to my hotel in Ballater. Sleeper ticket was purchased ages ago. Fortunately the tube strike has been called off, so plan B to get to Euston has been shelved.


The only thing left to do is to check and annotate my maps. Well, I’ve got to pack as well, but everything is in two crates, so that won’t take long. The weather forecast looks a bit mixed for the first few days, but has improved. It would be nice if the first day is reasonable. So, there we are. I’ve got some other things to do on Tuesday and then pack and final check on Wednesday.


10 thoughts on “TGO Challenge last preparations”

  1. Hope you have fun. Weather forecasts can be finicky things. I just came back from Scotland yesterday and most of my walk was supposed to be in the rain, but as it turned out it was showers by day, with the heavy rain at night whilst I was tucked up in the Akto 🙂

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