TGO Challenge 2014 final gear list

TGOC 2014 gear listclick to enlarge

After some juggling, here’s what I’m taking on the TGO Challenge. Compared with my Dartmoor daunder list, it’s a bit heavier. Principally, this is down to clothes (about 0.5kg) and heavier shelter and sleeping pad (again, about 0.5kg). I’ve saved 160g with lighter trekking poles as my shelter doesn’t need them, but that isn’t included in the pack weight.

My first aid kit is 148g heavier with some extra bits and pieces. Plugs, leads and batteries have added 136g. Although I’ve included a headnet, I’ve not decided on insect repellent/deterrent.

I’ve not included consumables because I’ve not done my shopping yet. I’m only sending one small food parcel with a couple of freeze-dried meals to Ballater. I’m carrying six freeze-dried meals from Strathcarron as I thought an additional food parcel to Drumnadrochit with a couple of meals was too much of a fiddle.

Hence, I will be carrying a bit extra at the start than I would normally for an initial four day stretch. I can resupply with most items at Drumnadrochit, Aviemore and Ballater, which all have supermarkets.

At just over 9 kilos, I seem to be in the middle ground of pack weights and similar to a number of experienced Challengers. I’ve built in plenty of flexibility for clothing to cope with whatever Scotland throws at me. Pushing my base weigh down below 8 kilos, would entail some compromises that I don’t particularly want to take.

I know gear lists provoke plenty of discussion, but in the end, it’s up to each individual as to what they take and what they feel comfortable with. I’m comfortable with this list and the weight.


9 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2014 final gear list”

    1. I’m using it as a soft shell. Great if it doesn’t rain too hard. In driven rain it can get overwhelmed, hence the hard shell as a backup. It’s great for showery weather or light rain.

      1. Yes i see where you coming from.I still tend to just take the Paramo.But as the hike is for two weeks gives you more options.
        You never Know what the Scottish weather is going to throw at you.

      2. I’m happy to take just Paramo under certain circumstances but not on a long trip.

    1. The Phase AR leggings and AsTucas wind trousers are mainly for camp. The Phase AR are a warm layer but also can be used under overtrousers in foul weather. The wind trousers can be used on their own or over the Phase ARs. I like to have a dry set of clothes for the end of a wet day. A weight penalty of less than 200g seems reasonable to me. I tend to wear one or other for sleeping both for warmth and to keep my sleeping bag clean.

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