Ready to pack

Gear has been assembled to go to Dartmoor tomorrow. The weather forecast is OK for Friday but “interesting” for Saturday. I’ve adjusted my plans for a more sheltered camp on Friday night and a shorter walk on Saturday.


I’ve found that assembling my gear into two plastic crates prior to packing removes a lot of angst. One crate is clothes and one for other gear. It looks a lot in the picture because it’s uncompressed. Using a check list and placing gear into crates (hopefully) means nothing gets missed out.


3 thoughts on “Ready to pack”

  1. In over thirty years I’ve not left anything at home, but I suffer from exactly the same angst, because before I start a multi-day walk I spend my first night on a camp site when I also have a big tent and equipment in my car for a couple of days of post-walk recuperation. Some of my backpacking stuff doubles up for both and it all gets jumbled up in the boot of the car, so when I set off on foot I’m petrified that I might have overlooked something vital. The worst thing that has happened to date was that one and a half miles into a walk I discovered I’d picked up the wrong map.

  2. I think pre-trip packing angst is normal. If you don’t have it, you are more likely to leave something behind. I’ve been know to sometimes empty out an already packed rucksack simply because I couldn’t remember packing something!

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