More Trailstar playing

I’m hoping to got to Dartmoor in the middle of this week for a final Challenge limber up. If I go, I will be taking the Trailstar for another test. Yesterday, I had another play in the back garden with it.

IMG_0897.JPG (2)I’m starting to get the hang of pitching it. It’s still not totally straightforward on our sloping garden lawn. I wanted not just to practice pitching, but to experiment with the positioning of the OookStar nest. Instead of pitching the nest at the back, I pitched it to one side, as James of Backpackingbongos suggested.

IMG_0898.JPG (2)This gives another option depending on the slope of the ground, which could be handy. On the whole, as a default position, I think I prefer it. It is actually easier to get in and out of the nest. Unless the wind is blowing into the door, it’s well protected against rain. If the wind was blowing in the door, it’s a simple operation to change the direction of the door panel.

I also experimented with my Team IO Laser Competition spinnaker tent footprint as a porch groundsheet. To secure it, I used the thin titanium pegs that were supplied with the F10 Nitro Lite. I was very pleased with it. Although slightly heavier than using double glazing film (as some others use), it is robust and, at 75g, is very light. It can also double as an inner tent footprint for the OookStar should I need it.

IMG_0899.JPG (2)I’ve made a couple of other tweaks. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos. I’ve added a small karabiner to the loop that secures the glove hook at the apex of the Trailstar. It’s a lot easier to hook the OookStar to the karabiner than the glove hook.

Secondly, I’ve added a loop of cord to the grosgrain loop at the apex of the OookStar, so I can tie the apex of the OookStar to the trekking pole supporting the Trailstar. This pulls the nest forward and tightens the fabric panels, for a better pitch. I’ll take a photo to explain when I’m out next.

I’m still waiting for some Black Diamond flicklock poles. Unfortunately, the first pair had a fault, so I’m waiting for a replacement set. I think flicklocks are much better for the Trailstar.


14 thoughts on “More Trailstar playing”

  1. Flick Locks are definitely the way to go with any shelter that uses them.
    So much easier to adjust height, especially with wet hands. Even more so in the hex I reckon.
    Send us a photo if the porch tweak, I would be interested.
    I am now thinking it may be sensible to put my TS up in the garden and check she is OK. Be a bugger to find there is a problem on Chally on 1st wild camp.
    I am lucky that I managed to get a Cuben tub from Sean for the porch before the output slowed.

    See you in Scottishland šŸ™‚

    Ps.. Cold is getting better. Now I just need to clear the residue from my chest. I’ll not send you a picture.

  2. I like the positioning of the OookStar nest you have here. Do you think the nest is large enough for one small adult (155 cm, or 5 feet 1 inch) and a child (even smaller)? I think the Trailstar would be ok for a family of five as a lunch break shelter/”living room”, and if it could give a bug-free shelter for two of us, it might be a good option if combined with a three-person tent.

    1. I think the nest would be a bit of a squeeze but Sean does a larger nest for the Trailstar. The Trailstar is large enough for five sitting down but as it’s not enclosed, it wouldn’t be bug proof.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll need to think about it. I would think of the Trailstar as a “living room” when it’s rainy, so for five it would be ok for that purpose. We would anyway need a second (bug proof) shelter for the nights.

      2. It should be ok for that. Alternatively you could go for a pyramid like the SL3 or Wikiup. Both have inners as well.

  3. Hi Robin. What exactly is “Double Glazing Film” ? cos I’m looking for a very lightweight plastic material like Gossamer Gear’s “Polycryo Ground Cloth” to make a ground sheet for my Nordisk Telemark 2 tent. It’s too expensive to buy direct from GG and don’t stock Polycryo, so I am wondering if your Double Glazing Film will fit the bill!

      1. Thanks, Robin. I bought a pack at my local Whicks for Ā£4.99 and it seems identical to the Polycryo my partner and I use with our Big Agnes Copper Spur 3, so I shall cut out a shaped ground sheet for my Telemark 2. Thanks for the tip..
        I seem to remember reading somewhere that on the Challenge you will be heading east and possibly camping at Cannich campsite on way to Drum’drochit. We will be at Cannich on Sunday the 11th, so I will look out for you, in case you’re there. Be great to meet you.

  4. Having the Oookstar to the side is now my favourite way of pitching, much more comfortable that way. Would still pitch at the back if bad weather was forecast though. I have found that a 130cm pitch works very well, it can still shrug off a good breeze when that high.

    1. I like it to one side. Easier to get in and out. I’ve been pitching it at 120cm so will experiment with higher. Getting the OookStar taught is an art in itself.

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