Moanies tweaking


Well, we are off tomorrow. The weather forecast looks reasonable; mainly dry with the possibility of some light rain on Friday. As it’s not going to be conspicuously cold, I’ve decided to take my PHD Minimus jacket rather than the Yukon. I’m also not going to take the Downmat UL. I think my Nemo Zor should be adequate. It’s lighter and more compact.

Even with a modest amount of extra winter gear, it was a bit of a squeeze to get everything in the Mariposa. I’m wondering whether to look for a higher volume pack like the Berghaus Expedition Light 80. It’s not the weight of winter gear that’s the problem, it’s the bulk. Once you add a proper winter sleeping bag, a thicker down jacket and other bits and pieces, the bulk becomes an issue.

Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from a cold. Hopefully, it will have cleared up by Wednesday when we have our first full day of walking.


13 thoughts on “Moanies tweaking”

  1. Like me, I think you have a Lightwave ultrahike 60. Leaving the mesh pocket aside, I find I can get a bit more in it than my Mariposa. I prefer the hipbelt on the Lightwave though .But overall the Mariposa is still my favourite. Anything bigger gets a bit arkward at times. I use a PHD ultra vest and the pullover.Gives flexibility without the bulk and warm enough
    when worn together for those cold spells.Hope that cold
    goes in time!

    1. Because of the pockets on the Mariposa, I’ve not found much difference in the capacity of the Ultrahike and the Mariposa. I’ve suggested to Gossamer Gear that they make a higher volume version for winter.

  2. Recognise exactly what you’re saying there. My mega winter down bag takes up loads of space compared to my summer one, never mind once you add an extra layer or two!

  3. Good luck Robin. Very envious. I know what you mean about bulkier. I was up in mid feb based at Ryvoan bothy and ended up with a 68ltr kestrel to carry it. Think it was the 4 tinnies, wood and coal that tipped it over! Enjoy your trip, shorts and t shirt weather hopefully. John

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