As Tucas windproofs

I’ve always liked taking a pair of lightweight windproof trousers whenever I go backpacking. They are great for changinging into at camp, for putting over a pair of thin leggings for warmth or using as pyjama trousers.

Most of the time I’ve used a pair of Montane Featherlite trousers. They are very light at 114g, but the ankle zips are superfluous and can dig into your flesh sometimes.

Until now, it’s been impossible to find a simple pair of windproof trousers with no zips. I contacted Marco at As Tucas to see whether he was interested in making a pair. To my delight, he agreed and here is the result.

IMG_0771He’s used Momentum 90 fabric, which is very smooth and silky but seems quite robust. The tight weave makes them very wind resistant. The weight is a meagre 72g. The lightest comparable wind trousers I can find are MontBell, which are 84g (with zips). The material on the MontBell trousers is not as pleasant to the touch as Momentum.

These are a very simple slip-on design, with an elasticated waist and ankles. The standard of workmanship is high and I can’t see any flaws. I’m not going to give you a price as Marco is likely to make these a catalogue item. If you are in the market for some windproof trousers, these will merit a close look.

IMG_0772At the same time I asked Marco to make me some simple over booties. Again these are made from Momentum 90 and are not lined. They weigh a ridiculous 17g.

These will probably not appeal to many people. However, I’ve found my feet get cold when lazing around in my tent when it’s breezy. I wanted something simple to put over my socks to mitigate this. For next to no weight, I now have the solution.

Disclosure: I have no formal or financial relationship with As Tucas and paid for these items with my own money.


10 thoughts on “As Tucas windproofs”

    1. Marco doesn’t do waterproofs. I’ve got a pair of old style Montane Atomic DT overtrousers which at 170g are about as light as can be sensible. I’ve got some GTX booties if I want waterproof. You can’t make booties too light if you are going to wear them in shoes or boots. These windproofs are not going to be used for that purpose.

  1. This is a great find. So I’ve stolen the idea and ordered a pair of pants from Marco as well for my upcoming AT thru-hike instead of Montbell Dynamos. Thanks for this idea and several others I’ve used from your posts on mods and MYOG.

  2. Hi Robin. Alerted by your posts about custom products by Marco, I asked him to make me a new bag for my Force Ten Nitro Lite 200 tent. My problem was that gear and food for 5 days completely fill my 43 L rucksack, so I need to carry the tent strapped to the outside of the pack. In these circumstances the standard tentbag is too vulnerable to abrasion, and I have come close to ripping the tent through its bag. So Marco has made me a replacement rolltop bag of identical dimensions using VX21 (waterproof Cordura, Dacron & Nylon laminate). It was a bit pricey at €48 (plus €12 for shipping), but very well made and a good investment, I think, for ensuring the tent lasts a long time.

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