Pole foot

Alan Sloman has been playing about with his Trailstar and commented that the central pole takes quite a lot of strain. He is worried that on soft ground it might sink in. To solve this, ingeniously,  he used a metal plate from a whisky carton.

As I don’t have any carton tops, I looked for a different solution. In my gear box, I have a couple of ski pole baskets, which come from one set of trekking poles (I can’t remember which ones).

IMG_0759These looked ideal. However, the centre hole is a tight fit, so I used a file to widen it slightly. Now the basket slips on and off easily. It weighs 13g, a full 6g lighter than Alan’s solution. Ski pole baskets are widely available, so if you’ve not got one to hand, they are easy to buy. Problem solved!



11 thoughts on “Pole foot”

  1. The other alternative is a motorcycle stand puck. This is something I use on the pole for the SL3. A fiber knife spacer drilled and cut to size holds the pole in position. Ideal on soft ground. A wee bit heavier than some ideas but it does the job.

  2. Still using a lightweight tent at the moment, although I am seriously considering to buy the trailstar. So these tips will certainly be considered. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Of course, extra weight, but you could always put a whole in a Real Frisbee, and then have something to play with before you put your tent up.
    Bit heavy mind.
    Or even use a plastic picnic plate.

    Me.. I have some Snow Baskets, so like you I use those..

      1. The Fizan baskets clip on rather than screw, so changing them would be more of a faff. BD system seems better.

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