More Trailstar photos

Putting up a Trailstar requires a bit of practice. As it was a pleasant afternoon yesterday, I  decided to have a play in the garden. Our garden is not ideal as it slopes and there’s no totally flat area.



IMG_0743The cunning loop near the apex of the OookStar inner helps tension the fabric.

IMG_0745Loads of room inside!



A foam tube (from a Sawyer mini filter) makes the front pole guy more secure and prevents the cord from cutting into the foam handle of the trekking pole.


The rear pegging point has a different colour cord. I’ve also added a loop of orange cord on the pegging points of the OookStar inner shock cord tie out to help identification.


I’ve added a loop of cord to the apex grosgrain loop to aid packing in high winds.



14 thoughts on “More Trailstar photos”

  1. Your garden sounds ideal for tent testing – sloping and no flat area pretty much sums up camping in the Highlands. We have a flat garden and I learned very quickly that pitching for real is not the same thing at all

  2. Having mastered that bit the next essential skill is re-pitching when the wind has turned unexpectedly inflating the Trailstar like a parachute.
    Sods Law states that it will happen in the night and it’s raining.

  3. Looking at the clearance near the doorway, it seems to be pitched quite high yet you’be used the Oookstar tensioner. What’s going on there, then?
    I like the extra loop on the apex – I shall be copying that.
    I’m trying to source a circular base-plate with a hole for the main pole to stop Trinnie sinking into peaty soils.

      1. I carry an MSR Blizzard as a spare + potty trowel; laying it down & putting the pole point thro’ one of the holes does the same job: 3 functions in 1.

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