On my walk in Epping Forest today, I came across this. This is the first case of fly tipping I’ve seen in the Forest. I hope it’s the last.


3 thoughts on “Rubbish”

  1. Hi mate. In Dorset is absolute disaster with fly tipping. On bike trainings/trips I see lot of spots with rubbish. In some cases the solution might be as easy as couple of cameras watching entrances from main roads to farm lands or forests area. Just taking pictures of vehicles entering. Sometimes looks like for example 7 -9 cameras can cover entrances to piece of land 10×15 miles which is relatively low cost comparing to costs of rubbish removal. How this is possible in country with million cameras watching you? Ok, that’s my rant for today… Have a good one, all the best.
    BTW quite enjoy tips on your website very useful for bikepacking.

  2. I can’t think of anythig that get’s my dander up more than fly tipping and litter in the countryside. You’d think it would take less effort to use the local waste site than to drive out in the dead of night and tip it. I often carry a bin liner and pick up rubbish from the local lanes on my way home, and I’m tempted one day to seperate it all out and post it back to the fast food, tobacco and drinks manufacturers who I think also shirk their responsibility.

  3. I think when there is vehicular access to most remote locations we will at sometime have this problem. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne close to the Airport and there are lots of farm tracks with which a certain kind of person opens them up and dumps there refuse. This is now a common blight on our beautiful surroundings.

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